Co-Founder Introduction, David


Hi, I’m David :wave:t4:


Programming wise, I was a late bloomer: Only at 19, still being in school, I started to invest a lot of my free time to learn the basics of programming. One and a half years later I got my first job as a Junior Programmer. I had a great mentor, who helped me reach the next level so that after two years, I could join one of the most successful mobile gaming companies in Europe. There, I once again felt like a total noob. But, with enough time & helpful colleagues, I now consider myself an experienced Backend Developer.

During that time I also saw first hand how data is collected and how it is used to maximize profits. That company is not the antagonist - it is a mere symptom of our current economic system that makes it almost impossible to defend oneself against Surveillance Capitalism.


After two years, in late 2017, I quit the [well paying] job to co-found Safing and fight for #cyberfreedom. In the Western Society, we call ourselves free, but I don’t feel we are free in our [digital] lives. As Hated states on his YouTube channel:

Mass surveillance is a backdoor into freedom of speech.

Here at Safing, I’m mainly developing Stamp and thinking a lot about how we can have a positive impact and move our society towards #cyberfreedom.

Feel free to ping me about everything and anything. Here’s my Twitter, my Github, my reddit & my Twitch.