Portmaster Alpha released for Linux!


We have been looking forward to this for a long time now: The first alpha release of Portmaster is finally here! This release is only for Linux (64-bit), Windows will follow soon and Mac will take a little more longer.

This is an exciting time for us, and we hope for you too! We would be pleased to receive any kind of feedback and bug reports. Please report bugs on the Github issue tracker and discuss conceptual matters, ideas, features here on our Discourse forum.

Let’s get started! Head over to Github to download this first release.

Here is a quickstart:

./portmaster -db=/opt/pm_db
# this will add some rules to iptables for traffic interception
# via nfqueue (and will clean up afterwards!)

# then start the ui
./portmaster -db=/opt/pm_db -ui
# missing files will be automatically download when first needed

Notes on this release:

  • Notifications are not ready yet, this also means no prompting (will instead act like in blacklist mode)
  • The UI and other components are already loaded via the automatic update system
  • The Portmaster will now for the first time encounter a wide variety of systems, unexpected behaviour is to be expected.
  • Some UI modules have a help button that will activate explanatory messages.
  • There is technical documentation on docs.safing.io. Be careful though, this might be a bit outdated (partly because of a major revamp) and will be updated until end of next week.
  • There are no installers yet, these will come in the coming months.

Important: The main portmaster binary does not self-update, you will have to check here or on Github regularly for new releases!


also, I wanted to add some quick resources:

Company & Products intro

Tech Intro

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Report Concept Input & other questions

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