The Safing Team



Hi my name is Clemens,

I am part of the Safing Team since August 2018

What’s my job?
Well right now the community is probably what consumes most of my time but actually I am involved in a lot of different things: from business strategy planning to operational task and everything in between.

If you have any further questions feel free to send me a PM!

The very best,


Hi I’m David :wave:t3:

I joined Safing part time early 2017. The project & its mission grew so much to me that I decided I quit my awesome job at Platogo to join Safing full-time. That was already more than a year ago (Oct 2018 :astonished:)

What’s my job?

As one of the founders, I spend a lot of my time on Company Overhead: iE. Business Plan, Business Strategy, Networking, Financing…

But I started out as a programmer, and this is still what I enjoy most. :slight_smile: I’m developing Stamp and in love with Ruby :heart:.

I’m married & a Music Maniac. Here’s my Twitter, my Soundcloud, my Github & my Twitch.